Our history & tradition

    Augusta Victoria Hospital (AVH) is housed in a historical building that, at the time of its dedication as a hospice and rest home in 1910, was the most modern construction in Jerusalem and the first in the Holy Land to have electricity. Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany erected the founder’s intentions. The Lutheran World Federation continues his work of Christian love through the ministry of healing.

    The hospital was established as a major medical Facility in Jerusalem after the 1948 war to care for Palestinian refugees. It was first managed by the international Committee of the Red Cross and then, since May 1, 1950, by the Lutheran world Federation .AVH is now a program of LWF’s Department for World Service. A professional board of Governance, appointed by the LWF, manages the hospital and represents a wide variety of Lutheran Churches, local and international, as well as related agencies that support the mission of the hospital. Board members represent the medical, pastoral, and administrative professions.

    The main in take continues to be patients who are refugees or in social need. The hospital is committed to serve its patients and community by providing the need health and humanitarian services. The hospital provides employment for over 200 local staff and continues to be a model for building good institutions that are foundations for establishing a civil society.