The Arab American University and Augusta Victoria Hospital have signed an agreement to train students

The Arab American University and Augusta Victoria Hospital have signed an agreement to train students

The Arab American University, represented by the Vice Director for Medical Colleges Affairs, Professor Dr. Mohammad Asia, and Augusta Victoria Hospital, represented by the Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Fadi Al-Atrash, have signed an agreement to train students of the Faculty of Human Medicine affiliated with the university at its campuses in Jenin and Ramallah.

The signing took place in the presence of the Deputy University President for Administrative and Financial Affairs, Dr. Baraa Asfour, the Dean of the Faculty of Human Medicine, Professor Dr. Malik Al-Zubn, Nadine Seyam, Director of Communication, Outreach, and Public Relations, as well as Badia Bajali, Chief Operational Officer, and Ezdihar Shahin, the Senior Communication Officer, from the hospital.

Dr. Mohammad Asia stated that the agreement aims to advance university education in various theoretical and practical aspects by adopting the best modern educational methods in the field of human medicine. He added, "The Arab American University continues its efforts to provide the highest level of quality in the education and training of students in the Faculty of Human Medicine and to improve the healthcare sector in Palestine through partnerships and agreements with local and international universities and hospitals."

It's been pointed out that the university, through these agreements, seeks to create a clinical educational environment for medical students to train in various hospitals, including Augusta Victoria Hospital.

Dr. Malik Al-Zubn mentioned that the university is working on developing a training program for students at the hospital, and it will provide training courses for professional development through the Continuing Education Center at the university.

Dr. Fadi Al-Atrash mentioned that the hospital is accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International) in East Jerusalem and the country, in addition to obtaining the ISO international quality certificate for over 15 years. Regarding the agreement, he said, "According to the agreement, the hospital will receive the clinical and pre-clinical students of the Arab American University's Faculty of Human Medicine in all specialized medical departments of the hospital. The hospital departments will be equipped with the necessary materials, consumables, medical devices, and equipment to achieve a high level of teaching and clinical training for the students."

On the sidelines of the meeting, representatives from both parties met with a group of medical students at the university campus in Ramallah, where they were briefed on the importance of the agreement and what it will provide for them. They also listened to the students' questions and provided answers and advice.

It is worth mentioning that Augusta Victoria Hospital is the first hospital to be accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI). It provides quality services and is the only hospital that offers cancer treatment and kidney dialysis for children. It also has a dedicated department for the elderly, and it manages a community program for early detection of breast cancer and raising awareness about diabetes through mobile clinics across the country. Moreover, it is the first and only hospital in Palestine in the field of cancer treatment, including blood diseases, and it provides radiation therapy alongside chemotherapy and biological treatments.