Mobile Digital Mammography Unit

Mobile Digital Mammography Unit

Since 2009, Augusta Victoria Hospital has implemented a community-based breast cancer screening program to provide preventive, screening, and curative services for breast cancer in Palestine, using the most advance digital tomosynthesis system in the country. This program is designed to bring these services closer to home, and reach women to reach women living in rural communities, refugee camps, and other areas where access to and availability of such services may be limited.

The program also aims to empower women to learn more about their right to healthcare and how to access AVH in Jerusalem for comprehensive cancer diagnosis and treatment.
Women are introduced to the importance of regular self-examination, clinical examination, and early detection of breast cancer through screening. Moreover, awareness and educational information about the importance of early detection in increasing the chances of being cured is provided.

The mobile clinic is staffed with two certified nurses who perform clinical examinations and teach women how to perform self-breast examinations, as well as two trained radiology technicians who provide high-quality, accurate examinations that are then transferred digitally to the AVH for a specialist’s opinion. 

Based on the result of the screening, women are then referred to AVH for an ultrasound and/or a tru-cut biopsy.  
On a daily basis, around 30 women of all ages benefit from the services of the clinic, and about 15 women undergo a mammography screening.

Mobile Digital Mammography Unit Services:
• Educating women and raising awareness about breast diseases, prevention and treatment, including self-examination for different age groups.
• Increasing public awareness about risk factors for breast cancer, its symptoms, and the benefits of screening and early detection
• Offering free mammography examinations for women over the age of 40 
• Providing follow-up care for women with abnormal test results, including referral to AVH for further examination (such as ultrasound and tru-cut biopsy) at no cost.

AVH is proud to be part of a significant portion of the annual mammography screenings conducted in the entire West Bank area.

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